Zagora Village
March 12, 2020
Stagiates Village
March 12, 2020


Tsagarada, one of the most beautiful and famous villages of the mountain, offers a wonderful view over the Aegean Sea. A village full of nobility, it offers vast amounts of fresh air, serenity and beauty. It is divided in four districts, with different color each: first the disctrict of Agion Taxiarchon, then the district of Agia Paraskevi, then Agios Stefanos and lastly, Agia Kyriaki which is located lower than the others.

Tsagarada first traces in history date back to around 1600 AD. Perhaps in this area, close to the sea, where the castle ruins of the Byzantine era survive, there might have been earlier the first village that had the same name.

In Paliokastro position, down to the beach, there are remains of settlement that substantiate these claims. However, the occasional raids of various pirates forced the residents to move higher for better security.