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Pelion Mountain

Mount Pelion rises to the north and east of Volos, a verdant mountain of legends and Centaurs and one of the most beautiful and bewitching in Greece. With an area of about 50 km and its peak rising to 1,624 m, Pelion seduces its visitors by perfectly combining the mountain and the sea. Dozens of renowned villages there have been listed as traditional


on a mystical mountain


The land of the Centaurs and Resort of the gods

The route followed through Pelion by the legendary "Moutzouris" ("smudge"), the narrow-gauge steam train in operation since 1895, will provide an unforgettable experience.

Lovely routes through the mountain offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the impressive landscape, breathtaking views of the sea and magnificent villages. A modern ski centre operates near the highest settlement of Chania, with a heart-stopping view of eastern and central Greece.

There are also many spots around Pelion where organised alternative tourism activities are available, including horse-riding, hiking, ecotourism treks and others.

The myth talks about the Centaurs who live in Pelion - magical, half-man, half-horse creatures. It's true. The Centaurs you meet today are the image of humans mounted on horses as they explore the beauty of the forest along the mountain trails.

The myth says that the ancient gods lived here in the summer. It's true. Each time you dive into the water and relax on the beaches and crystal-blue waters, you will understand why.

No matter what you hear about this place, it's all true. The endless possibilities of the area, while they may sound exaggerated, are nevertheless real.