Gastronomy & Agricultural

Pelion's potential has helped to develop a number of activities on the mountain and the sea that will make your experience unique.

Agrotourism activities are not only a time of fun and escape for a traveler, they aim to deepen each visitor onto the culture and heritage of an area, leaving indelible marks on the memory of visitors.
Thus, in the mythical mountain of Centaurs one can participate in various Agrotourism programs, which aim at authenticity as well as the contact of visitors with the special features of the local community. In particular, one can enjoy outdoor cooking lessons in nature, seeking to get acquainted with Pelion cuisine, which is well known for the purity of local ingredients and herbs used in local recipes, with a wide variety of traditional pies and the delicious spoon sweets made from fruits collected on the mountain of Pelion.
Botanical workshops are also provided, which aim to inform participants about the beneficial properties of herbs found on the slopes of Pelion, which they themselves will have the opportunity to collect.
Another equally interesting workshop is that of beekeeping, where visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with basic knowledge of bee society and prepare beeswax using aromatic oils.
One can also attend a soapmaking workshop for an extraordinary experience on how to make organic handmade soaps or prefer a guided tour of one of the region’s most visited wineries (Click here for more information).