Hiking & Trekking

Pelion's potential has helped to develop a number of activities on the mountain and the sea that will make your experience unique.

Hiking is the most popular alternative activity for all ages and everyone has the opportunity to choose the hiking routes that suit him. Pelion consists of 24 picturesque and preserved villages its of which had a network of paths constituting the main communication point between the villages and the city of Volos. It is an outdoor mountain activity that attracts more and more visitors. Pelion is the ideal for hiking trips of any time for the year helping its visitors to admire the Pelion landscape and discover its well-hidden treasures.
There is an extensive hiking network that enables hikers to explore the hidden and mythological aspects of traditional villages. The hiking trails are mainly on an extensive network of cobbled streets and on narrow forest roads with lush vegetation. There are several elevation differences, with few downhill and uphill routes available. Preparing for the hike of your choice involves searching for information on the internet, special hiking maps or the support of one of the many maintain guides active in the area.