Sea Kayak

Pelion's potential has helped to develop a number of activities on the mountain and the sea that will make your experience unique.

The sea kayak is an ideal marine activity proposal, taking advantage of the tranquil and protected Pagasetic Gulf, but also the beautiful and special Aegean coasts, for paddle boats to nearby or more remote destinations. The sea kayak offers the opportunity to explore remote beaches by swimming in the blue waters of Pelion and the sea caves of the area, combining kayaking with other activities (such as snorkeling). Those who are lucky will have the opportunity to meet dolphins and seals along the way.
During the trips you will have a good deal to enjoy the panoramic view of Volos and the “Mountain of Centaurs”, while making brief stops in the picturesque ports and beaches of Pagasetic. Definitely, try the local flavors at the taverns in front of the sea. In particular there are fixed points and beaches in Eastern Pelion (such as Chorefto, Damouhari) that provide private tours by sea kayak. At the same time there are companies that provide kayak services and after contacting them you can set up your own rowing program or suggest an existing one that may be of interest to you. You can choose single or double kayak which is suitable of all ages without any necessary previous experience.