Cruises – Fishing Trips

May 15, 2020
Hiking – Trekking
May 15, 2020

Volos is a city of intense character and hidden treasures in every corner, as long as one has the appetite for exploration. For this reason, daily and multi-day cruises are provided for the tour of the Pagasetic Gulf and the Pelion coastline, mainly from the Aegean side. Guests can enjoy magical moments on unspoilt and deserted beaches, as well as picturesque fishing villages. The typical picturesque island of the area, where cruises are constantly taking place, is the magnificent Trikeri.

During the daily and multi-day cruises to Volos, the coastline of Pelion and the Sporades, the possibility of another alternative activity, combined with the cruise, are the so-called “fishing trips”. Visitors have the opportunity to take advantage of their fishing abilities and enjoy the feeling and pleasure of fishing in the beautiful seas they will travel.

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