Path of Centaur

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March 15, 2020
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April 9, 2020

In history and in art, the Centaurs are shown as having a human torso and the lower body of a horse. The best-known Centaur was Chiron, a wise teacher whose students included Asclepius, Jason and Achilles. He was the first to use herbs to treat illnesses and injuries.

According to myth, Chiron belonged to the famed race of Centaurs descended from the gods and were wise, just, good-hearted, and friends and supporters of humans.

Walk on the Centaur path following the footsteps of the legendary Centaur Chiron, passing through a lush ravine with wooden bridges to the source of Mana.

Then choose either the short route (1,66 km) to the main square of the settlement through the downhill slopes or the longest route (... km) which after the main road meets the paved paths of the village until Agia Marina.