“Tsipouradika” of Volos

Volos Promenade Argonafton Street
February 9, 2020
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March 15, 2020

Two types of cuisine are typical of the area: The appetisers, or meze, served at the tsipouro taverns, or "tsipouradika", and Pelion-style dishes. Tsipouro is a distillate made from the pomace of grapes after they have been pressed to make wine. This distillate is drunk all over Greece in various forms (tsipouro, raki, tsikoudia), but for a long time, it was only marketed in Thessaly.

The men of Volos and Pelion would drink tsipouro every day. The arrival of refugees from Asia Minor in 1922 introduced the accompaniment of the drink with a variety of meze, chiefly seafood.


Nowadays, each '25th' (the term 25th refers to the small 50 ml bottles in which tsipouro is served) brought to the table comes with a different serving of meze, a ritual that has been followed since the last century. Each customer orders a 25th as many times as they can tolerate. Each 25th is accompanied by a meze that is unique to each establishment.

This means that you sit at one of the numerous tsipouradika in the city and order a 25th for you and your friends, leaving it up to the owners of the place to select the meze they will serve, depending on the rate at which you order tsipouro. About 400 tsipouradika make up this popular form of entertainment and are the main gathering place for the local residents.

Gradually, the traditional coffee shop which also served tsipouro evolved into exclusively tsipouro taverns with their own kitchens and individual character.