Hellas Canyon

Multi Activity Holidays
April 14, 2021
Nature Experience
May 21, 2021
Multi Activity Holidays
April 14, 2021
Nature Experience
May 21, 2021

Hellas Canyon activities in Pelion

Welcome to Hellas Canyon and the magnificent world of Canyoning.

Choose among our numerous mountain activities for any level and discover the Greek canyons with us. Canyoning is more than an outdoor activity or a hobby. It is an experience that includes sports, holidays in Greece and games in nature for beginners as well as extreme athletes, who crave to push their limits.


Is active since 1999, realizing more than 100 activities every year for groups from around the world. All members are certified and professionally trained to be tireless, kind, fast and equipped leaders for your unique and safe activities in nature.

Activities take place all over Greece

• Pelion’s Waterland

It’s both young and older΄s people favorite route.

As it combines natural beauty with a playful activity. Pelion’s water land combines via ferrata, canyoning and water games. Starting from Hellas canyon base, there is a 20’ hiking through a dense forest of apple trees. The most basic part of this activity starts with some jumps in crystal clear water and finishes with via ferrata’s exotic scenery.

The route is exceptionality beautiful surrounded by thick greenery which makes the place unique for visitors.

It’s exactly the ideal place for a break, or a quick bite before abseiling (descending with a rope). This spot is also the starting point of the second part of the route. There are two main abseiling techniques with a rope leading to a big natural lake that will leave everyone satisfied and pleased. There is one more abseiling technique (descending with a rope) as well as crossing the canyon’s most narrow part that leads us to a 6 meters waterslide that no visitor should miss (waterslide is optional).

• Via Ferrata Galanorema

Via ferrata is the route on a rock, maintaining the highest security standards. Two of its basic characteristics are a wire rope, which is constantly tied on the visitor’s special belt, and some additional metal steps placed on specific spots so that they can make access easier.

• Canyoning in Galanorema

We take our special backpacks and in 15’ we reach the entrance of the canyon through a leafy path. Basic training begins for descending the canyon with the 7 waterfalls, the longest of which is 12 meters height. Going down this beautiful waterfall using abseiling (descending with a rope) is a beauty for every visitor. The overall time of activity is almost 3 hours. Visitors enjoy the amazing scenery of little lakes and rocky views. Reaching the end, there are spots for swimming, playing with crystal clear waters which of course are optional. Returning to Hellas canyon base takes 20’ through the forest of apple trees where we original started.

• Biking & canyoning tour

o Ideal for thrill seekers or adrenaline lovers

o Ideal for almost all ages + beginners (it’s also a challenge for most experienced visitors)

o It’s preferred that you have at least an average fitness level ride a bike or have basic swimming knowledge for canyoning


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