Mini boat tour at East Pelion

Day road trip to Meteora
February 12, 2023
Boat Tour “Poseidon’s Cave”
February 13, 2023
Day road trip to Meteora
February 12, 2023
Boat Tour “Poseidon’s Cave”
February 13, 2023

Let’s explore the south area of East Pelion coastline by discovering the lovely beaches and breezeless bays, hidden by steep cliffs and vegetation, some well-known and some almost isolated without easy access from the land.
During the trip, we will get enchanted by the beauty of nature, the traditional churches and the stone buildings ashore. The point of departure is situated in the small port of Agios Ioannis, and upon request, it can be either Horefto or Damouchari.
We sail to the historical cove of Damouchari where it used to be the area’s center of commerce a long time ago and we visit the impressive beach where the film Mamma Mia was shot.




Then, we approach Agios Athanasios Bay where we can swim and feel the differences in water temperature due to the underwater springs.  Next, we approach the Fakistra Cave. The stalagmites and the stalactites, formed throughout thousands of years, create fascinating scenery! We continue to Fakistra beach known for the sky-blue waters and the impressive green nature all around. The next destination is the magical beach of Mylopotamos with the naturally formed rock arch. Last but not least, Limnionas, is a peaceful beach with wild beauty at the same time.
Admire the green nature, dive in and enjoy the blue waters, and breathe the breeze of the Aegean Sea. If you are an avid water lover, go snorkeling in a sea full of life!


⦁ Transportation with speed boats.
⦁ Sea equipment (life jacket, snorkels etc.).
⦁ English speaking guide (or other language if requested).
⦁ Photos taken with a GoPro camera during the trip
⦁ Travel insurance
⦁ All Taxes


⦁ The picturesque port of Damouchari
⦁ The springs of Agios Athanasios
⦁ The cave of Fakistra



⦁ Swimsuit
⦁ Towel
⦁ Hat
⦁ Water
⦁ Sun Protection
⦁ Sun glasses

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