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Charter yacht in Greece – A brilliant idea!

Either you have already gone sailing or not, I have a brilliant idea to recommend you as a proposal in your question “Where and what are we going to do in our holidays?”. Let’s charter a yacht in Greece and let’s sail away from our routine!

Greece is one of the best tourist destinations worldwidely during months from May until October. The common scenery who anyone can admire is the warm sun, the crystal blue colour of the clean sea, the green scenery of the mountains and the yachts that sail almost in every port. What about enjoying your soft drink while sunbathing during the sunset and enjoying your favourite chillout music on the deck of a charter yacht in Greece’s sea? It is cool, isn’t it?


The best advantage for the charter yacht in Greece is that the weather conditions are in favour of sailing during most of the days of the year due to the climate and windy conditions from April until the end of October and the close distances among the islands and the greek mainland.

Every year, families, friends and couples choose to experience yacht charter in Greece and in case they love it, they return and charter yacht in other regions. For instance, two years ago a couple from Sweden chartered one of our yachts for their honeymoon for a week. They visited the island Trikeri, the port of Agia Kyriaki in South Pelion and the islands of North Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.

Great for events

Bachelor parties, birthday parties, honeymoons and every grateful circumstance can be celebrated on a charter yacht according to the number of the passengers and the availability and the days people are supposed to charter one yacht. A yacht includes a saloon where there is kitchen and a table and sofas and around this large room there are cabins and toilets.

Charter yacht in Volos, Greece

Our charter yachts are based in the port of Volos in central Greece, the city located between the capital of Greece, Athens, and Thessaloniki, two cities whose aiports serve most of the incoming tourists. According the days people charter our yachts including skipper and hostess or bareboat, the schedule of your sailing cruise is up to your demands and your desires.

Our yachts are cleaned and sanitized according to the laws before your check in and during the cruise. Both the skipper and the hostess serve you during the check in and make you feel that our yacht you chose for your holidays is so much comfortable as your home. They explain you in detail everything you need to know according to the safety regulations that refer to the charter yacht in Greece.


The first destination is the tranquil island of Trikeri in the Pagasetic Gulf where is a small settlement without vehicles and people can enjoy fresh sea food and the local alcohol drink that’s called “tsipouro” accompanied by sea snacks after swimming in an isolated beach of the Pelion peninsula, such as Tzasteni beach or the beaches in the small islands around the island of Trikeri.

At the very next day, our yachts arrive at the one of the most famous Greece’s destinations, in the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos. But before arriving in the port of the town of Skiathos, passengers can enjoy swimming in the famous beach Koukounaries, one of the biggest and cleanest beaches of Europe. In the town of Skiathos, passengers can visit the bars and enjoy the parties of the nightlife of the island.

Skopelos island, famous as “Mama Mia island”, is the next destination where people taste the traditional food and sweets and the beaches of the island and on the other day our yachts arrive at the tranquil island of Alonissos with the beautiful beaches. According to the weather conditions, there is the possibility of lodging anchored in a nearby isolated island called “Kyra Panagia”, an amazing experience where people can be amazed by the starry sky drinking their favourite drink on the deck. The tranquil island of Skyros in the central Aegean Sea is our last destination before the return at our basement in the continental Greece. Last but not least one night lodging in the port of Agia Kyriaki, a port in a small village at the end of the Pelion Peninsula where you can taste spaghetti with crawfish and octapus in grill.

In every destination, passengers from charter yachts meet in the ports and share their experiences with excitement. During your sailing cruise you can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, sup, yoga and treats such as fruit salads. Also, you may be lucky as during sailing you will see flocks of dolphins and the mediterranean seal.   


Charter yachts are one of the most “green” ways of tourism and of transportation both in Greece and in the seaside countries of the Mediterranean Sea as they use the wind as a “fuel” in order to sail quietly and solar panels serve for the electricity. Many families prefer charter yachts as a lesson to their children as a respect to the environment. Also, it is the easiest way to explore the sea of Central Greece without changing room and means of transport. In addition, there are a lot of people who charter yacht in Greece in order to get a certificate in sailing and they join both holidays and learning to sail.

Charter yacht in Greece and let’s sail!

So, if you are about to visit Greece, make the idea of charter yachts come true and let’s sail! Our fleet consists of four charter yachts, “Errika”, “Mila”, “Angelina” and ‘’Layla’’. For any further questions about the price and availability, please do not hesitate to contact us to make your idea come true! Vassilis, the company director and head skipper, and Eleni, sales and marketing director, will answer you immediately every question you have! So, if you are familiarized with the idea of charter yachts in Greece, let’s sail with us!  It’s brilliant, isn’t it? It’s cool, isn’t it? Book your memorable holidays immediately!

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